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Fairchild Semiconductor

   Part number  Description
   FDU8770  N-Channel  PowerTrench MOSFET
   FOD815  4-Pin  High  Operating  Temperature  Photodarlington  Optocoupler
   FDS2672  N-Channel  UltraFET  Trench MOSFET  200V,  3.9A, 70m?
   BAS16  Small  Signal  Diode
   74ACT533  Octal  Transparent  Latch  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   KH104  DC to 1.1GHz Linear  Amplifier
   NC7WZ02  TinyLogic  UHS  Dual  2-Input  NOR  Gate
   74LVQ573_01  Low  Voltage  Octal  Latch  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74LVQ374_01  Low  Voltage  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   NC7WP04  TinyLogic  ULP  Dual  Inverter
   74LVQ273_01  Low  Voltage  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop
   74LVQ245_01  Low  Voltage  Octal  Bidirectional  Transceiver
   74LVQ244_01  Low  Voltage  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74LVQ241_01  Low  Voltage  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   RV4140A_04  Low  Power  Two-Wire  Ground  Fault  Interrupter  Controller
   KA78XX  3-Terminal  1A Positive  Voltage  Regulator
   74LVQ240_01  Low  Voltage  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74LVQ174_01  Low  Voltage  Hex  D-Type  Flip-Flop  with  Master  Reset
   74LVQ157_01  Low  Voltage  Quad  2-Input  Multiplexer
   74LVQ138_01  Low  Voltage  1-of-8  Decoder/Demultiplexer
   74LVQ125_01  Low  Voltage  Quad  Buffer  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74LVQ86_01  Low  Voltage  Quad  2-Input  Exclusive-OR  Gate
   74LVQ74_01  Low  Voltage  Dual  D-Type  Positive  Edge-Triggered  Flip-Flop
   74LVQ32_01  Low  Voltage  Quad  2-Input  OR Gate
   100201  Low  Power  2-Input  OR/NOR  Gate/Inverter
   100301  Low  Power  Triple  5-Input  OR/NOR  Gate
   100302  Low  Power  Quint  2-Input  OR/NOR  Gate
   100304  Low  Power  Quint  AND/NAND  Gate
   100307  Low  Power  Quint  Exclusive  OR/NOR  Gate
   100310  Low  Skew  2:8 Differential  Clock  Driver
   100311  Low  Skew  1:9 Differential  Clock  Driver
   100313  Low  Power  Quad  Driver
   100314  Low  Power  Quint  Differential  Line  Receiver
   100315  Low  Skew  Quad  Clock  Driver
   100316  Low  Power  Quad  Differential  Line  Driver  with  Cut-Off
   100319  Low  Power  Hex  Line  Driver  with  Cut-Off
   100321  Low  Power  9-Bit  Inverter
   100322  Low  Power  9-Bit  Buffer
   100323  Low  Power  Hex  Bus  Driver
   100324  Low  Power  Hex  TTL-to-ECL  Translator
   100325  Low  Power  Hex  ECL-to-TTL  Translator
   100328  Low  Power  Octal  ECL/TTL  Bi-Directional  Translator  with  Latch
   100329  Low  Power  Octal  ECL/TTL  Bidirectional  Translator  with  Register
   100329A  Low  Power  Octal  ECL/TTL  Bidirectional  Translator  with  Register
   100331  Low  Power  Triple  D-Type  Flip-Flop
   100336  Low  Power  4-Stage  Counter/Shift  Register
   100341  Low  Power  8-Bit  Shift  Register
   100343  Low  Power  8-Bit  Latch
   100344  Low  Power  8-Bit  Latch  with  Cut-Off  Drivers
   100350  Low  Power  Hex  D-Type  Latch
   100351  Low  Power  Hex  D-Type  Flip-Flop
   100352  Low  Power  8-Bit  Buffer  with  Cut-Off  Drivers
   100353  Low  Power  8-Bit  Register
   100354  Low  Power  8-Bit  Register  with  Cut-Off  Drivers
   100355  Low  Power  Quad  Multiplexer/Latch
   100360  Low  Power  Dual  Parity  Checker/Generator
   100363  Low  Power  Dual  8-Input  Multiplexer
   100364  Low  Power  16-Input  Multiplexer
   100370  Low  Power  Universal  Demultiplexer/Decoder
   100371  Low  Power  Triple  4-Input  Multiplexer  with  Enable
   100390  Low  Power  Single  Supply  Hex  PECL-to-TTL  Translator
   100391  Low  Power  Single  Supply  Hex  TTL-to-PECL  Translator
   100393  Low  Power  9-Bit  ECL-to-TTL  Translator  with  Latches
   100395  Low  Power  9-Bit  ECL-to-TTL  Translator  with  Registers
   100397  Quad  Differential  ECL/TTL  Translating  Transceiver  with  Latch
   100398  Quad  Differential  ECL/TTL  Translating  Transceiver  with  Latch
   15KE68  Discrete  POWER  & Signal  Technologies
   1N3595  Small  Signal  Diode  Absolute  Maximum  Ratings
   1N4001GP  1.0 Ampere  Glass  Passivated  Rectifiers
   1N4009  Ultra  High  Speed  Diodes
   1N4150  High  Conductance  Ultra  Fast  Diode
   1N4152  Small  Signal  Diode
   1N4154  High  Conductance  Fast  Diode
   1N4454  High  Conductance  Ultra  Fast  Diode
   1N457  Small  Signal  Diode
   1N486B  Small  Signal  Diode
   1N4933  Low  forward  voltage  drop
   1N4933GP  1.0 Ampere  Glass  Passivated  Fast  Recovery  Rectifiers
   1N5221B  Absolute  Maximum  Ratings
   1N5226B  Absolute  Maximum  Ratings
   1N5391  1.5 Ampere  General  Purpose  Rectifiers
   1N5400  3.0 Ampere  General  Purpose  Rectifiers
   1N5817  1.0 Ampere  Schottky  Barrier  Rectifiers
   1N5820  3.0 Ampere  Schottky  Barrier  Rectifiers
   1S922  Small  Signal  Diode
   1V5KE6V8  Transient  Voltage  Suppressors
   29F52  8-Bit  Registered  Transceiver
   2KBP005M  2.0 Ampere  Bridge  Rectifiers
   2N2710  NPN  Small  Signal  High  Speed  Low  Power  Saturating  Switch  Transistor
   2N3253  NPN  Switching  Type
   2N3390  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3415  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3416  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3663  NPN  RF Transistor
   2N3702  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3703  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3704  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3819  SFET  RF,VHF,  UHF,  Amplitiers
   2N3859A  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3903  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3904  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3905  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3906  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N3946  NPN  Small  Signal  General  Purpose  Amplifier  & Switch
   2N4123  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N4124  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N4125  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N4126  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N4400  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N4401  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N4402  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N4403  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N4410  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N4953  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5086  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5088  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5172  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5210  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5223  NPN  Small  Signal  General  Purpose  Amplifier  & Oscillator
   2N5306  NPN  Darlington  Transistor
   2N5307  NPN  Darlington  Transistor
   2N5308  NPN  Darlington  Transistor
   2N5320  10 Watt  NPN-PNP  Silicon  Power
   2N5366  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5400  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5401  PNP  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5457  N-Channel  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5460  P-Channel  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5484  N-Channel  RF Amplifier
   2N5551  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5638  N-Channel  Switch
   2N5769  NPN  Switching  Transistor
   2N5770  NPN  RF Transistor
   2N5771  PNP  Switching  Transistor
   2N5830  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5952  N-Channel  RF Ampifier
   2N5961  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N5962  NPN  General  Purpose  Amplifier
   2N6426  NPN  Darlington  Transistor
   2N6427  NPN  Darlington  Transistor
   2N6517  NPN  Epitaxial  Silicon  Transistor
   2N6518  PNP  Epitaxial  Silicon  Transistor
   2N6519  PNP  Epitaxial  Silicon  Transistor
   2N6520  PNP  Epitaxial  Silicon  Transistor
   2N6755  N-Channel  Power  MOSFETs,  14 A, 60 A/100  V
   2N6757  N-Channel  Power  MOSFETs,  9A,  150V/200V
   2N6759  N-Channel  Power  MOSFETs,  5.5A, 350V/400V
   2N6761  N-Channel  Power  MOSFETs,  4.5A, 450V/500V
   2N6763  N-Channel  Power  MOSFETs,  38A,  60V/100V
   2N6765  N-Channel  Power  MOSFETs,  30A,  150V/200V
   2N6767  N-Channel  Power  MOSFETs,  15A,  350V/400V
   2N6769  N-Channel  Power  MOSFETs,  12A,  450V/500V
   2N7000  N-Channel  Enhancement  Mode  Field  Effect  Transistor
   2N7051  NPN  Epitaxial  Silicon  Transistor
   2N7052  NPN  Darlington  Transistor
   2N718A  NPN  Small  Signal  General  Purpose  Amplifiers
   2W005G  2.0 Ampere  Glass  Passivated  Bridge  Rectifiers
   74ABT125  Quad  Buffer  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT126  Quad  Buffer  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT162244  16-Bit  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  25? Series  Resistors  in the  Outputs
   74ABT16244  16-Bit  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT16245  16-Bit  Transceiver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT16373  16-Bit  Transparent  D-Type  Latch  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT16500  18-Bit  Universal  Bus  Transceivers  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT16501  18-Bit  Universal  Bus  Transceivers  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT16541  16-Bit  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT16543  16-Bit  Registered  Transceiver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT16646  16-Bit  Transceivers  and  Registers  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT16652  16-Bit  Transceivers  and  Registers  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT16952  16-Bit  Registered  Transceiver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT2240  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  25? Series  Resistors  in the  Outputs
   74ABT2244  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  25? Series  Resistors  in the  Outputs
   74ABT240  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT241  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT244  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT245  Octal  Bi-Directional  Transceiver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT2541  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  25? Series  Resistors  in the  Outputs
   74ABT273  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop
   74ABT2952  Octal  Registered  Transceiver
   74ABT373  Octal  Transparent  Latch  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT374  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT377  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop  with  Clock  Enable
   74ABT541  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT543  Octal  Registered  Transceiver  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT573  Octal  D-Type  Latch  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT574  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT646  Octal  Transceivers  and  Registers  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT652  Octal  Transceivers  and  Registers  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   74ABT899  9-Bit  Latchable  Transceiver  with  Parity  Generator/Checker

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