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MB90820B Datasheet (PDF) - Fujitsu Component Limited.

MB90820B Datasheet PDF - Fujitsu Component Limited.
Part # MB90820B
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File Size   1654.25 Kbytes
Page   56 Pages
Manufacturer  FUJITSU [Fujitsu Component Limited.]
Direct Link  http://edevice.fujitsu.com/fmd/en/index.html
Logo FUJITSU - Fujitsu Component Limited.
Description 16-bit Microcontroller

MB90820B Datasheet (PDF)

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MB90820B Datasheet PDF - Fujitsu Component Limited.

Part # MB90820B
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File Size   1654.25 Kbytes
Page   56 Pages
Manufacturer  FUJITSU [Fujitsu Component Limited.]
Direct Link  http://edevice.fujitsu.com/fmd/en/index.html
Logo FUJITSU - Fujitsu Component Limited.
Description 16-bit Microcontroller

MB90820B Datasheet (HTML) - Fujitsu Component Limited.

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MB90820B Product details

The MB90820B series is a line of general-purpose, Fujitsu 16-bit microcontrollers designed for process control applications which require high-speed real-time processing, such as consumer products.
While inheriting the AT architecture of the F2MC family, the instruction set for the F2MC-16LX CPU core of the MB90820B series incorporates additional instructions for high-level languages, supports extended addressing modes, and contains enhanced multiplication and division instructions as well as a substantial collection of improved bit manipulation instructions. In addition, the MB90820B series has an on-chip 32-bit accumulator which enables processing of long-word data.
The peripheral resources integrated in the MB90820B series include : an 8/10-bit A/D converter, 8-bit D/A converters, UARTs (SCI) 0, 1, multi-functional timer (16-bit free-run timer, input capture units (ICUs) 0 to 3, output compare units (OCUs) 0 to 5, 16-bit PPG timer 0, waveform generator), 16-bit PPG timer 1, 2, PWC 0, 1, 16-bit reload timer 0, 1 and DTP/external interrupt.

• Minimum execution time of instruction : 42 ns / 4 MHz oscillation (uses PLL clock multiplication) maximum multiplier = 6
• Maximum memory space 16 M bytes, Linear/bank access
• Instruction set optimized for controller applications
   Supported data types : bit, byte, word, and long-word types
   Standard addressing modes : 23 types
   32-bit accumulator enhancing high-precision operations
   Signed multiplication/division instructions and enhanced RETI instructions
• Enhanced high level language (C) and multi-tasking support instructions
   Use of a system stack pointer
   Symmetrical instruction set and barrel shift instructions
• Program patch function (for two address pointers)
• Increased execution speed : 4-byte instruction queue
• Powerful interrupt function
   Up to eight priority levels programmable
   External interrupt inputs : 8 channels
• Automatic data transmission function independent of CPU operation
   Up to 16 channels for the extended intelligent I/O service
   DTP request inputs : 8 channels
• Internal ROM
   Flash memory : 64 K/128 K bytes with flash security
   MASK ROM : 64 K/128 K bytes
• Internal RAM
   Evaluation product : 16 K bytes
   Flash memory : 4 K/8 K bytes
   MASK ROM : 4 K bytes
• General-purpose ports
   Up to 66 channels (ports where pull-up resistor can be configured : 32 channels)
• A/D Converter (RC) : 16 channels
   8/10-bit resolution selectable
   Conversion time : Min 3 µs (24 MHz operation, including sampling time)
• 8-bit D/A Converter : 2 channels
• UART : 2 channels
• 16-bit PPG timer : 3 channels
   Mode switching function provided (PWM mode or one-shot mode)
   ch.0 can be worked with multi-functional timer or independently
• 16-bit reload timer : 2 channels
• 16-bit PWC timer : 2 channels
• Clock supervisor
• Multi-functional timer
   Input capture : 4 channels
   Output compare with selectable buffer : 6 channels
   Free-run timer with up or up-down mode selection and selectable buffer: 1 channel
   16-bit PPG timer : 1 channel
   Waveform generator : (16-bit timer : 3 channels, 3-phase waveform or dead time)
• Time-base timer/watchdog timer : 18-bit
• Low-power consumption mode :
   Sleep mode
   Stop mode
   CPU intermittent operation mode
• Package :
   LQFP-80 (FPT-80P-M21 : 0.50 mm pitch)
   LQFP-80 (FPT-80P-M22 : 0.65 mm pitch)
   QFP-80 (FPT-80P-M06 : 0.80 mm pitch)
• CMOS technology

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About Fujitsu Component Limited.

Fujitsu Components Limited is a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, a Japanese multinational information technology company.
Fujitsu Components Limited is focused on the design, development, and manufacture of electronic components and devices.
The company offers a wide range of products including data storage devices, wireless communication modules, and other electronic components.
Fujitsu Components Limited has operations and facilities in various countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
The company is known for its advanced technology, high-quality products, and innovative solutions in the electronics industry.

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