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P-tec Corporation(7)Pacific Silicon Sensor,Inc.(1)Pan Jit International Inc.(38)Panasonic Battery Group(22)Panasonic Semiconductor(177)PANDUIT CORP.(40)Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.(288)PCA ELECTRONICS INC.(38)PCTEL, Inc.(5)PEAK electronics GmbH(15)Pentair plc. All rights reserved.(25)Pepperl+Fuchs Inc.(18)Peregrine Semiconductor(2)Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.(1)Pericom Semiconductor Corporation(40)PerkinElmer Optoelectronics(4)PETERMANN-TECHNIK(5)PhaseLink Corporation(14)Phihong USA Inc.(12)PHOENIX CONTACT(1134)Picker Components(1)Pico Technology Ltd.(4)Pixart Imaging Inc.(2)PLX Technology(7)PMC-Sierra, Inc(56)Pomona Electronics(29)Potato Semiconductor Corporation(7)Power Analog Micoelectronics(2)Power Innovations Ltd(1)Power Integrations, Inc.(191)Power System Technology(11)Power Systems GmbH+Co.KG(1)Power-One(17)Powerbox(2)PowerDynamics, Inc(17)Powersoft S.p.A.(1)Powertip Technology(2)Precid-Dip Durtal SA(8)PREMA Semiconductor.(1)PREMO CORPORATION S.L(11)Princeton Technology Corp(5)Projects Unlimited, Inc.(2)Prolific Technology Inc.(1)Prosoft-Technology(1)Protech Systems Co., Ltd.(34)Protek Devices(2)PUI audio inc.(35)Pulse A Technitrol Company(71)PulseCore Semiconductor(5)Purdy Electronics Corporation(37)Puya Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(2)Pyramid Semiconductor Corporation(8)Qorvo, Inc(13)QT Optoelectronics(4)Qualtek Electronics Corporation(4)Quantum Research Group(4)QUARTZCOM the communications company(17)Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd.(1)Quelighting Corp(32)Radiometrix Ltd(7)Ralston Instruments.(117)Raltron Electronics Corporation(5)Ramtron International Corporation(4)Raytheon Company(1)RCD COMPONENTS INC.(6)Realtek Semiconductor Corp.(5)Recom International Power(55)Rectron Semiconductor(11)Red Lion Controls. Inc(19)Reed Relays and Electronics(2)Relpol S.A.(1)RENCO ELECTRONICS, INC.(1)Renesas Technology Corp(1193)RF Micro Devices(40)RF Monolithics, Inc(5)RFHIC(7)Rhombus Industries Inc.(4)RHOPOINT COMPONENTS(8)Richco, Inc.(3)Richtek Technology Corporation(63)RICOH electronics devices division(7)RMT Ltd.(64)Rochester Electronics(4)Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd(1)Rohm(187)Roithner LaserTechnik GmbH(16)Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG(6)Router-switch Ltd.(2)RSG Electronic Components GmbH(2)RUBYCON CORPORATION(10)Rugao Dachang Electronics Co., Ltd(2)Sames(6)SamHop Microelectronics Corp.(58)Samsung semiconductor(123)Samtec, Inc(6)Sangdest Microelectronic (Nanjing) Co., Ltd(87)Sanken electric(203)SanRex Corporation(2)Sanyo Semicon Device(364)Schaffner International Ltd(6)Schneider Electric(534)Schurter Inc.(105)Sciosense B.V.(5)Seaward Electronics Inc.(5)SeCoS Halbleitertechnologie GmbH(16)Seiko Instruments Inc(22)Seme LAB(10)Semicoa Semiconductor(1)SemiHow Co.,Ltd.(12)Semikron International(41)Semtech Corporation(229)SEMTECH ELECTRONICS LTD.(3)Sensata Technologies, Inc.(1)Sensirion AG Switzerland(16)Sensitron(19)Sensortechnics GmbH(9)Seoul Semiconductor(66)SG Micro Corp(6)Shanghai awinic technology co.,ltd(9)SHANGHAI BELLING CO., LTD.(19)Shanghai Leiditech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd(199)Shanghai Semitech Semiconductor Co., Ltd(1)Shanghai Yint Electronic Co., Ltd(7)SHANTOU HUASHAN ELECTRONIC DEVICES CO.,LTD(2)Sharp Corporation(38)Shenzhen Bencent Electronics Co., Ltd.(27)SHENZHEN CORETECH MICROELECTRONICS CO., LTD(1)SHENZHEN DOINGTER SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD.(79)Shenzhen Foster Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(2)SHENZHEN FUMAN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.(9)Shenzhen Guan Hua Wei Ye Co., Ltd(13)Shenzhen Huazhimei Semiconductor Co., Ltd(114)Shenzhen Jin Yu Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(1)Shenzhen Jingdao Electronic Co.,Ltd(1)SHENZHEN KYL COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT CO,LTD.(5)Shenzhen Luguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd(5)Shenzhen Ping Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd.(1)SHENZHEN REFOND OPTOELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.(11)Shenzhen Sunnyway Battery Tech Co.Ltd.(165)Shenzhen Tianyuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(3)Shenzhen Tuofeng Semiconductor Technology Co(9)Shenzhen Winsemi Microelectronics Co., Ltd(3)Shenzhen X-Powers Technology Co ., Ltd(12)ShenZhen XinDeYi Electronics Co., Ltd.(4)SHENZHEN YONGERJIA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD(1)Shenzhenshi YONGFUKANG Technology co.,LTD(3)SHIELD s.r.l.(6)SHIKUES Electronics(6)SHOUDING Shouding Semiconductor(3)Shoulder Electronics Limited.(26)SICK AG(291)Siemens Semiconductor Group(179)SIFIRST TECHNOLOGIES NANHAI LIMITED(2)SiGe Semiconductor, Inc.(4)SignalQuest, Inc.(4)Silan Microelectronics Joint-stock(16)Silergy Corp.(3)Silicom Ltd.(2)Silicon image(5)Silicon Laboratories(215)Silicon Microstructures, Inc.(2)Silicon Mitus, Inc.(21)Silicon Standard Corp.(22)Silicon Storage Technology, Inc(2)Silicon Supplies(1)Silicon Touch Technology Inc.(15)Silikron Semiconductor Co.,LTD.(86)Silver Telecom 2019(2)SIMCom(1)Sinopower Semiconductor Inc(27)SINOWEALTH Electronic Ltd(7)Sipex Corporation(15)Sirectifier Semiconductors(42)SIRENZA MICRODEVICES(2)SiTime Corp.(1)Sitronix Technology Co., Ltd.(1)Skeleton Technologies. All rights reserved.(1)Skyworks Solutions Inc.(152)SL Power Electronics(16)SMSC Corporation(88)Solid States Devices, Inc(16)Sonardyne sound in depth(1)Sony Corporation(91)Soshin electric Co., Ltd.(3)Source Photonics, Inc.(12)SOURIAU-SUNBANK Connection Technologies(2)SPANSION(55)SparkFun Electronics(16)Sparkle Power Inc.(44)SpectraLinear Inc(33)Stackpole Electronics, Inc.(10)STANLEY ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.(12)Stanson Technology(1)StarHope(2)STATEK CORPORATION(2)STI Vibration Monitoring Inc.(7)STMicroelectronics(2137)Sumida Corporation(5)Summit Microelectronics, Inc.(32)SunLED Corporation(295)SUNMATE electronic Co., LTD(1)SUNNY Computer Technology Europe, s.r.o.(17)Suntan Capacitors(3)Suntsu Electronics, Inc.(7)Supertex, Inc(29)Surge Components(11)Suzhou Maswell Communication Technology Co. Ltd(7)Switchcraft, Inc.(8)Synaptics Incorporated.(14)SYNC POWER Crop.(2)SYNERGY MICROWAVE CORPORATION(1)SynQor Worldwide Headquarters(10)System Logic Semiconductor(19)Systemsensor advanced ideas.(20)Tadiran Batteries GmbH(3)TAI-SAW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.(4)TAITIEN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD(5)Taiwan Memory Technology(2)Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd(12)Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.), Inc(3600)Tallysman Wireless Inc.(2)Taoglas antenna solutions(116)TDK Electronics(352)TE Connectivity Ltd(904)TECH PUBLIC Electronics co LTD(9)TECHCODE SEMICONDUCTOR, INC.(3)TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANCE BCNA 2010, S. L.(1)TEKTRONIX, INC.(6)TelCom Semiconductor, Inc(15)Teledyne Technologies Incorporated(7)TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik(1)TEMEX(26)TEMIC Semiconductors(37)Tensility International Corp.(4)Teridian Semiconductor Corporation(10)Testo SE & Co. KGaA(2)TEXAS ADVANCED OPTOELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS(13)Texas Instruments(2924)Texas Instruments(2593)THine Electronics, Inc.(19)THOR communications(12)Tiger Electronic Co.,Ltd(5)TiMOTION Technology Co. Ltd.(1)TOCOSAMERICA, INC.(1)TOKO, Inc(11)TOKYO SEIMITSU CO., LTD(16)Toppower Electronic Technology Limited(67)Torex Semiconductor(9)Toshiba Semiconductor(1570)Total Power International(24)Touchstone Semiconductor Inc(1)Transcend Information. Inc.(2)Transcom, Inc.(27)Transko Electronics, Inc.(7)Trenz Electronic(1)TRIAD MAGNETICS(42)TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG.(36)Tripath Technology Inc.(1)Tripp Lite. All Rights Reserved(481)TriQuint Semiconductor(15)TT Electronics.(30)Tumbler Technologies + TRUMPower(4)Turck, Inc.(2)TXC Corporation.(18)Tyco Electronics(275)Tycon Systems, Inc.(1)
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ManufacturerPart #DatasheetDescription
Company Logo Img
Silicon Mitus, Inc.
SM4851 Datasheet pdf image
Single-Inductor and Dual Output for Notebook and Tablet LCD Panel Bias Power Supply
December 2017 Rev. 0.0.0
SM4007 Datasheet pdf image
Notebook and Tablet LCD Panel Level-shifter with 8-Ch. Output and Gate Pulse Modulator
Februay 2018 Rev. 0.0.0
SM4402 Datasheet pdf image
Notebook and Tablet LCD Panel Level-shifter with 13-Ch. Output and Gate Pulse Modulator
Februay 2018 Rev. 0.0.0
SM6751Q Datasheet pdf image
Boost Regulator with GPM, LDO, VCOM Calibrator and OP Amp
October 2021 Rev. 0.9.0
SM4012 Datasheet pdf image
Notebook and Tablet LCD Panel PMIC with AVDD Boost, 1-Ch. LED Driver, 8-Ch. Level-Shifter, LDO, VCOM Calibrator and OP-Amp
Februay 2018 Rev. 0.0.0
SM4801 Datasheet pdf image
Notebook and Tablet LCD Panel PMIC with AVDD Boost, VGH Boost, Two Bucks, LDO, Two Negative Charge-Pumps, OP-Amp, VCOM Calibrator and GPM
December 2017 Rev. 0.0.0
SM41NC Datasheet pdf image
LDO Regulator and Internal-Switch Buck Regulator with Adjustable Switching Frequency
Februay 2018 Rev. 0.0.0
SM41NE Datasheet pdf image
Notebook and Tablet LCD Panel PMIC with AVDD Boost, Positive / Negative Charge Pumps, Buck, LDO, VCOM Calibrator, OP Amp, 4-Ch. Gamma Buffers and GPM
Februay 2018 Rev. 0.0.0
SM5513 Datasheet pdf image
USB Type-C Controller with 2:1 MUX High-Speed Switch, OVP for CC1/2 and D+/D- Pins and a 500 mA Boost Converter
March 2018 Rev1.0.0
SM41NA Datasheet pdf image
Notebook and Tablet LCD Panel PMIC with AVDD Boost, VON Boost, Negative Charge Pump, Buck, LDO, VCOM Calibrator, Two OP-Amps, 4-Ch. Gamma Buffers and Level-shifter
Februay 2018 Rev. 0.0.0
SM5109 Datasheet pdf image
Low Iq Single-Inductor and Dual Output for LCD Panel Bias Power Supply
August 2018 - Rev. 0.0.0
SM5038 Datasheet pdf image
Interface PMIC with Type-C and PD, 3:1 MUIC, 3.5 A SW Charger, QC2.0, 1.5 A OTG, 1.5 A Flash LED Driver and Fuel Gauge with a Selectable External Sensing Resistor
May 2021 Rev1.0.0
SM4028 Datasheet pdf image
Monitor LCD Panel PMIC with AVDD Boost, Level-Shifter, GPM, VCOM Calibrator and OP-Amp
Februay 2018 Rev. 0.0.0
SM5735 Datasheet pdf image
Interface PMIC with Type-C and PD, 3:1 MUIC, 3.5 A SW Charger with Dual input, 1.5 A OTG, 1.5 A Flash LED Driver and Fuel Gauge with a Selectable External Sensing Resistor
September 2020 Rev0.0.0
SM4106 Datasheet pdf image
Monitor LCD Panel PMIC with AVDD Boost, VGH Boost, Negative Charge-Pump, VCOM Calibrator and Level-shifter
Februay 2018- Rev. 0.0.0
SM4405 Datasheet pdf image
Notebook and Tablet LCD Panel PMIC with AVDD Boost, VGH Boost, VGL Negative Charge-Pump, Two Bucks, LDO, HAVDD Linear Regulator, OP-Amp, VCOM Calibrator with Dual Banks, 14-Ch. Gamma Buffers with Dual Banks and GPM
December 2017 Rev. 0.0.0
SM5424 Datasheet pdf image
Highly Efficient Switch-Mode 3.5 A Charger for Type-C with Power-Path and 1.5 A USB OTG
August 2018
SM4045 Datasheet pdf image
Monitor LCD Panel PMIC with AVDD Boost, VGH Boost, Buck, Level-Shifter, Two Negative Charge-Pumps, GPM, VCOM Calibrator and OP-Amp
Februay 2018 Rev. 0.0.0
SM4109 Datasheet pdf image
TV LCD Panle PMIC with AVDD Boost, HAVDD Buck, Two Bucks, Buck-boost, VON Boost, Negative Linear Regulator Controller and Level-shifter
Februay 2018 Rev. 0.0.0
SM4805 Datasheet pdf image
TV LCD Panel PMIC with AVDD Boost, HAVDD Buck, Three Bucks, VGH Boost, VGL Buck-boost, GPM, 4-Ch. Gamma Buffer, Dual VCOM OP-Amps and I2C Interface
December 2017 Rev. 0.0.0

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