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BTP-87WHCG-XX-J/WB Datasheet, PDF

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Electronic ManufacturerPart noDatasheetElectronics Description
DB Lectro Inc
DB Lectro Inc
BTP-87WHCG-XX-J/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter


BTP-87WHCG-XX-J/WB Datasheet ,PDF

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Electronic ManufacturerPart noDatasheetElectronics Description
DB Lectro Inc
DB Lectro Inc
BTP-87WHCG-B5-H/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B5-H/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B5-J/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B5-J/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B5-M/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B5-M/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B5-N/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B5-N/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B6-H/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B6-H/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B6-J/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B6-J/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B6-M/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B6-M/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B6-N/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-B6-N/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G6-H/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G6-H/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G6-J/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G6-J/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G6-M/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G6-M/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G6-N/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G6-N/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G7-H/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G7-H/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G7-J/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G7-J/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G7-M/W    BriLux 1W Emitter
BTP-87WHCG-G7-M/WB    BriLux 1W Emitter

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